'O' Rings

We design and develop a wide range of ‘O’ rings that fabricated using qualitative raw material and elastomets depending upon service conditions.

Piston Seals

Single lip piston seal is moulded for high-performance polyurethane, for easy installation and low-temperature performance.

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Reinforced Rubber Diaphragm

Reinforced rubber diaphragms is achievable using special reinforcement materials including Nylon, cotton canvas for high strength to flexibility.


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Rubber Bush

We manufacture a wide range of rubber bush that are fabricated using qualitative raw material and are also available as per customer’s specifications.


Metal Bonded Rubber Wipers

Metal Bonded Rubber Wipers which are used in Pneumatics And Hydraulics Industries.


Rubber to PTFE Bonded

 PTFE comes with its high temperature and harsh chemical resistance, which are extremely unique properties.

patta gasket

Gasket {LEASE}

We have a complete devout in manufacturing and supplying highly demanded EPDM Rubber Patta. Featuring robust performance in harsh temperature the offered strips are widely demanded for its precise dimensions and long lasting performance.


S.S Lip Seals

Oil seals also known as rotary or shaft seals. wide range of applications ranging from domestic equipments to automotive and power plant machinery, industrial pumps, gas, aircraft and compressor.


Butterfly Seal

Butterfly seal is use in many type of butterfly valve like Wafer type, Lug Style type, Flange type, double type. mostly it is used in place of food grade and effectively stop leakage problem.


Rubber Bellows

Rubber bellows is the flexible element of rubber expansion joint and expansion bellows fit perfectly and are suitable for the concerned pressure and temperature.


Pneumatic Piston Seal

Piston seals are normally installed onto a piston of either solid or split design and provide a static seal across the internal diameter and both static and dynamic sealing against the cylinder wall or bore of a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder.

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Gaskets specific applications, such as high-pressure steam systems . its excellent tear and abrasion resistance and is chemically resistant to a large variety of acids, alkalis, alcohol, and oxidants.

Foundation Bushes

Metal Foundation Bushes

Foundation Bushing have high tensile strength and high pressure. it’s control noise and vibration outstanding resilience with exceptional rebound elasticity as well as flexibility at low temperatures.

rubber profile

Rubber Profiles

We manufacture quality rubber profiles that serve as sealing components with anti friction qualities for the smooth operation of windows.

rubber cord

Rubber Extrusion

We design and develop a wide range of precision engineered Impeller & rubber extrusion, which are fabricated using qualitative raw material and are known to increase accuracy and efficiency.

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