VITON - Fuoroelastomer (FKM)

Viton is a brand name for a type of fluoroelastomer rubber compound developed by the company DuPont (now Chemours). Fluoroelastomers are a family of synthetic rubbers known for their excellent resistance to heat, chemicals, oils, and fuels. Viton rubber compounds are widely used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, chemical processing, and oil and gas.

Here are some key characteristics and properties of Viton rubber compounds:

  1. Chemical Resistance: Viton rubber exhibits exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, solvents, fuels, and oils. It can withstand exposure to harsh environments and maintain its performance over extended periods.

  2. High Temperature Resistance: Viton can withstand high temperatures and maintain its mechanical properties in a range of -40°C to 230°C (-104°F to 446°F), with some specialty grades capable of even higher temperatures.

  3. Excellent Sealing Properties: Due to its high chemical resistance and low gas permeability, Viton is often used for sealing applications, such as O-rings, gaskets, and seals. It provides reliable sealing even in demanding conditions.

  4. Mechanical Strength: Viton rubber compounds offer good mechanical properties, including tensile strength, tear resistance, and compression set resistance. They can withstand deformation and maintain their shape and integrity under pressure.

  5. Weather Resistance: Viton exhibits excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, and UV radiation, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

  6. Low Compression Set: Viton rubber maintains its elastic properties even after prolonged compression, ensuring long-term sealing performance.

  7. Flame Resistance: Certain Viton grades are designed to meet specific flame resistance standards, making them suitable for applications where fire resistance is required.

Mechanical Properties
Excellent chemical resistance.
Excellent Heat Stability 100%
Improving sealing performance. 100%
Thermal properties
Temperature Range -40°C to 230°C (104°F to 446°F)
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